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good morning, america. this morning, two days left until an extremely close and utterly unpredictable presidential election. overnight the president bringing out celebrities, katy perry, john mellencamp, dave matthews while mitt romney's strongest surrogate, his wife ann, choking up on the trail. there's a new storm coming to the area slammed by sandy. as a nor'easter bears down, free gas causes chaos. a beer company delivers water, and we'll tell you how they're finally dealing with that dangling crane. the rescue caught on tape. a hiker trapped for three days by sandy's record snowfall. he thought he was near the end when rescuers, risking their own lives, found him in his socks. and party foul. pippa middleton defends herself against critics of her new book
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on party planning, some who are calling it a royal embarrassment. ♪ a little bit faster happy sunday to everyone at home. the final sunday before election day. >> i know. >> it's hard to believe this campaign has been going on for nearly two years now, and now we're down to the last two days. the voters are already starting to have their say. take a look at these long lines for early voting in many states. so which candidate has the edge in the stretch run? george stephanopoulos will be here soon to discuss it all. >> it's the big question. we've got the smartest guy in the business to help us answer it. coming up also, in the northeast, this election is playing out against the backdrop utterly scrambled by sandy. in new jersey, they're now going to let people vote by e-mail. here's the latest numbers, 106 people dead. 2.6 million homes and businesses still without power.
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take a look at this picture. this is from the cover of the upcoming new york magazine. it takes the breath away. you can just see half of the island in darkness. >> like a tale of two cities. it's hard to believe that it's one week ago tomorrow where sandy hit. also coming up, the emotional story of the high school football star whose biggest play will be the touchdown he intentionally did not make stepping out of bounds one yard from the end zone with the full support of his coach and teammate. wait till you hear his heartwarming reason why. but we're going to start here with insult to injury. for the millions of people who still don't have heat, power or water after sandy, it's now getting dangerously cold and there's a big, new storm brewing. abc meteorologist ginger zee has been on this story from the jump. she's got the latest now. ginger, good morning to you. good morning, dan. this wouldn't be a huge issue if we didn't have so many millions still without power but look at the temperatures. charleston, west virginia, cold, 40, boston, 42 but everybody else in the 30s. new york city at 39. that means the outskirts outside of the city even colder closer
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to freezing and the windchills this morning are right there with you. i'd love to tell you it gets warm the next couple of mornings but people still getting power back in atlantic cities close to freezing by early tuesday. it's not going to be all that nice and then we have to talk about that storm, of course, you have that jet stream holding on to the cold air that will grab moisture down in the southeast and that's where it picks up the pace and it starts to form the nor'easter. you'll have rain showers from the carolinas on tuesday down into florida, then for your wednesday, it starts to move north. that's when the winds pick up in the northeast, 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds, and then by thursday it really mixes in with some cold air, coastal new england gets the rain, back here in upstate new york, the poconos into the snow. how much and what to expect. here it is, 1 to 3 inches of rain, 6 to 12-foot waves and, of course that, inland snow. i'll have much more on your nation's weather coming up, but for now we'll head over to bianna. >> so many without power. not good news.
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thank you. we'll turn to politics. we are in the final push before election day. it's "your voice, your vote," and with two full days of campaigning left, the race is going to the wire. the latest abc news/"washington post" tracking polls shows president obama and mitt romney deadlocked at 48% among likely voters. for mitt romney, it's a final chance to appeal to his base especially in the all-important swing state of ohio. abc's david muir is with the romney team in cleveland. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. hard to believe 48 hours now until election day, and the battleground blitz continues for both campaigns. overnight mitt romney in front of an enormous audience in colorado and an emotional moment from his most powerful weapon on the trail, his wife, ann romney. overovernight in front of a crowd of more than 17,000, mitt romney in colorado in an all-out sprint to the finish. >> thank you very much, colorado. you guys are the best. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours both campaigns crisscrossing the country and both stopping in dubuque, iowa,
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and romney whose closing argument makes him the candidate that will reach across the aisle now asking supporters to reach across the street. >> i want you to reach across the street to the neighbor that has that other sign in his front yard, and i'm going to reach across the aisle in washington, d.c. to the politicians who are working for the other candidate. >> reporter: on the campaign plane ann romney making a trip to the back of the plane carrying pumpkin whoopee pies talking about the american people who are hurting saying, three more days. >> it's been long. >> reporter: then on to colorado where she was visibly moved by the thousands who had gathered at the first stop in colorado springs. >> this is our time to turn -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- to turn the country around. >> reporter: and her husband in these final hours turning back to the simple argument of his campaign, that this election is about who can fix the economy. >> i can't wait to get started. he's hoping we'll settle, but americans don't settle. we build. we aspire. we listen to the voice inside
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that says we can do better. >> reporter: there will be several stops today for mitt romney. of course, here in cleveland, ohio, and then a rare appearance in pennsylvania. i asked the campaign if this was way stop in pennsylvania, a last-minute effort to expand the map giving president obama a slim lead in some of the battlegrounds. they told me, no. they're going there because they seem the same spring among independents around philadelphia and hope to capitalize and hoping this will be one of those surprise states come election day. dan, bianna? >> david, thank you, but this race really could come down to ohio, which is why, as jon stewart has joked, they're treating it like the precious from "the lord of the rings." take a look. mitt romney has been to ohio 29 times and spent more than 67 million bucks on ads. the president has made 20 visits spending almost $64 million, and the president will be back there again today, although he is waking up in yet another battleground state in new hampshire, which is where we find abc's jake tapper. jake, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, dan. that's right, ohio is the rosetta stone of this election, and president obama will be back in that state again tomorrow. but truly, any one of these battleground states could be pivotal because the race is tied and so, so close including here in teeny, tiny new hampshire, the live free or die state where the latest poll has it tied here, as well. racking up roughly 1,500 miles yesterday alone on the air force one frequent flier program, ohio, wisconsin, iowa, virginia, president obama is jetting from battleground to battleground. his pitch to undecided voters, i'm the same idealistic, nonpartisan guy you voted for last time. >> the fights we're fighting, they're not partisan. i want to work together. i believe we're all americans. not democrats or republicans first. >> reporter: he suggests romney represents failed policies of the past and is not trustworthy, not what he's seen, and he makes a push for voters, one, acknowledging disappointment to go with the devil they know.
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>> you know me. you may not agree with every decision i've made. sometimes you may have been frustrated by the pace of change, but you know where i stand. >> reporter: stars, the hollywood kind, are arriving for the president doing what they can to help generate excitement. >> i'll do anything to get you to vote. i'll punch myself in the face, i don't care. >> reporter: katy perry in milwaukee helped bring a crowd of 20,000. john mellencamp in dubuque, 5,000. ♪ >> reporter: and last night in bristow, virginia, dave matthews joined with former president bill clinton. >> i want to vote for the president who's been a good commander in chief and a good decider in chief. >> reporter: are they breaking through? are the disillusioned and ambivalent hearing the message? >> i wish they would turn this mike up. >> reporter: the obama campaign talks up its get out the vote
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effort, its ground game years in the making including, bianna, 1.7 million new voter registrations. that's twice as many as they accomplished in 2008. we'll see tuesday night if it ended up having that effect. >> a push they've been trying to make. all right, jake, thank you. and president obama paid a surprise visit to fema headquarters stressing the importance of the relief effort. supplies are still scarce, lines long and patience thin. unfortunately, for millions of stranded drivers, the dire situation is not expected to get much better for a few more days. abc's alex perez has been following an emergency shipment of gas from the tankers to the pumps to the gas tanks and is in new jersey with that story. >> reporter: hey, bianna. take a look behind me. a line of cars waiting for gas, and many of those people have been waiting overnight. that line stretches for several blocks. the good news is the pain could begin to ease very soon. this morning, some of the much-needed gasoline is slowly
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trickling in. fema workers are coordinating free gas delivery at ten sites across new york and the garden state like this one in freehold, new jersey. >> i just happened to be driving by and saw the trucks. >> reporter: but across the regions there are areas where help has not arrived. near hackensack, new jersey, melissa stefano and her boyfriend, tim, are standing in yet another line hoping to get gas for their generator. >> people are losing their patience. >> reporter: it's the same frustrating feeling millions have experienced lining up on foot and in car on hours on end just to get a gallon of gas. >> looking at the destruction, you feel like you're in a war zone. >> reporter: but help is on the way. 22 million gallons of gas the feds promise to hard-hit areas is now making its way to shuttered gas stations. after an hour of waiting outside in the cold, tim and melissa are finally about to get gas but their journey is not over yet. they still have to make the trek home by foot.
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>> head back to the car and pick up and wait in another line to get diesel. >> reporter: after a 20-minute walk, tim and melissa finally make it home and finally fill their generator. for the first time in six days they have power, heat and a warm meal. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> reporter: and tim and melissa say they will have to continue their routine of standing in line for gas until they're able to get their power back on. this is the station where they filled up. the owner here says they are completely tapped out. dan? >> alex, thank you. gas, of course, is just one part of the recovery. power is starting to come back, and the subways are mostly running again. the same cannot be said, though, for the new york city marathon. the largest in the world canceled at the last minute due to controversy. some runners, however, are making good use of this day and abc's john schriffen is in lower manhattan with more on that. hi, john. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. instead of thousands of runners making their way to the starting line in staten island, later today many will be coming right here to the staten island ferry
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to gather donations. now, there's a lot going on here in downtown manhattan actually right underneath my feet. 5,000 gallons of water being pumped out of a subway station every minute to get all the subway lines back up and running. now, all around our area we have seen signs of normalcy popping up, but there's still a lot of work left to be done. flying high above the tri-state area, abc news got an exclusive look at the coast guard's cleanup efforts at the arthur kill waterway, the canal that separates new jersey from staten island where 350,000 gallons of fuel spilled over as a result of the superstorm. >> i think we're starting to win as far as the response. >> reporter: and this morning, a welcome sight. the crane that dangled so precariously above new york city's highest residential building is now safely tethered to the side of the building. >> if everything goes according to plan, and we still have a little more work to do,
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we hope to re-open west 57th street to traffic. >> reporter: it is just a small sign that conditions in new york are looking up. coming out of the darkness and quiet. >> hey! >> reporter: excitement to have the light and sounds of normalcy. as more subways begin to run. >> i've been in the house every day day and night with the baby so you know i'm excited to go back to work. >> reporter: and grocery stores re-open. >> i didn't think i would be this excited. >> reporter: but as manhattan begins to recover, much of the region is still suffering, now adjusting to a new normal in the wake of sandy's aftermath needing all the help they can get to begin a long road to recovery. and the organization in charge of the new york city marathon has decided to donate all of the food and supplies from the race to people in need. now, another great concern in our area, the elections coming up on tuesday. well, new jersey has decided that anyone affected by the storm in their state will be able to vote by either fax or e-mail. dan and bianna.
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>> that's right, john. sandy putting campaigning on hold for a few days last week and for millions of storm victims getting to the polls is a low priority. so what impact could the hurricane have on tuesday's vote? let's bring in the host of abc's "this week" george stephanopoulos for more analysis. exciting last two days here but the president seemed to gain some momentum in sandy's wake, but polls are showing that romney's gaining popularity, as well. so who has the upper hand? >> our latest poll shows an absolutely dead heat, 48-48. that said, the president has been maintaining a small but pretty steady lead in most of those battleground states in all of the public polls. you talk about hurricane sandy, it's been interesting, the president was out there with governor christie and others over the course of the weekend and had karl rove say that helped president obama over the last several days. they believe it blocked mitt romney's momentum and helped burnish president obama's bipartisan credentials. >> in the final two days, is
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there anything either of these two can do to move the needle or is the die cast? >> the die is cast with one exception. they have to build excitement among their voters in the last 48 hours. it is all about turnout right now. that's why they're going back to those states that they focused on this whole way for the president, ohio, iowa and wisconsin. bruce springsteen, in the final 24 hours, it's about building excite. you see governor romney, he's been getting pretty big crowds in virginia and florida. >> both sides confident they will win this race. >> both say they are. >> when do you think we'll know? is it going to be a late, late night tuesday? >> no question it's going to be a late night tuesday. some question whether or not we'll know even wednesday morning. i think we're going to. i think it's going to be clear enough even though this is shaping up to be the closest presidential race in memory. >> quickly, the ground game. both sides yesterday talking about how they have the historic power in terms of getting people out to the vote. is there any evidence about who has a stronger ground game? >> both sides do have pretty incredible ground games.
7:16 am
if you just look at these early vote totals, more than 70% of the vote is already in in the states of nevada and colorado. 40% of the vote in iowa. almost 40% of the vote in the state of ohio have already voted right now. the president has been working at this for more than two years. governor romney modeling his ground game on the successful run of president george w. bush in 2004. they say it's bush on steroids. so it's hard to say who has the advantage, but both sides have invested a lot and got a lot out of it. >> secretary of state in ohio say they view the candidates as houseguests as they're eager for them to leave. later this morning george will host the final edition of "this week" before the election. make sure to watch that. and on tuesday night, george, diane sawyer and the entire abc news political team will be at our election headquarters in times square all night long, and it could be a long night with full coverage as the results come in. >> you can feel the excitement leading up to tuesday. >> you can. >> all right.
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but believe it or not, there are other headlines to tell you about and ron claiborne is here for that. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone. well, two police officers in atlanta were killed in a helicopter crash last night while searching for a missing child. the helicopter went down in the middle of a busy intersection but managed to avoid hitting anyone on the ground. the boy that the officers were searching for was later found unharmed. and the new york city nanny who allegedly killed two children in her care has now been formally charged with their deaths. police arrested and charged yoselyn ortega in a hospital bed last night. they were finally able to interview her as she recovers from self-inflicted stab wounds. the navy has relieved the commander and top officers of a frigate. they relieved them of their duties because of a drunken port visit to russia. commander joseph darlak, skipper of the "uss van schlt s" was relieved after demonstrating poor leadership. the navy has been cracking down on this kind of behavior in recent years.
7:18 am
more than a thousand people, many of them with puppets, turned out for the million puppet march in washington, d.c. they were showing their support for government funding of pbs. it was inspired or you could say in reaction by comments made by mitt romney when he talked about cutting the deficit including less money for public television. and finally, no excuses to be lazy this sunday morning, 31-year-old zach vaulter is climbing the stairs of the willis tower today in chicago, illinois, with a groundbreaking or with a groundbreaking bionic leg. the leg is controlled by his thoughts responding when he thinks climb stairs. it's pretty wild. he's climbing the 103 floors as part of the annual sky-rise event. how about that? >> that is incredible. >> pretty amazing. incredible, dan. >> i try to get my body to do all sorts of things. we should say in terms of being lazy on this sunday morning, it is fall back. if you are at all confused by your clock, last night was fall back. >> not as tired this morning. >> i know. this is the best day of the year for people who work in morning television. ginger, over to you. >> except for meteorologist gerard. he's upstairs.
7:19 am
he gets in before midnight. doesn't work out as well. he gets an extra hour. whatever you're doing, you need to get sleep later. it's going to be easy to sleep in along the foggy gulf coast. , 4, tallahassee, 83 for both new orleans, 81. 84, tallahassee, 83 for both orlando and miami but as we get this thing going the cold front comes in and severe storms possible in southeast georgia up through south carolina and far southern north carolina. the main threat today in that severe zone, hail. so you could see supercell action and we'll keep an eye on that before you go. slight snow mixing in down into some rain, cold rain in iowa and chicago today. there a little bit below average as we go into l.a.'s 85. tomorrow in the 90s. that's the big pictu
7:20 am
you know, as i cov closer to home. you , as you know, as i was covering sandy, my producer and i were driving through new jersey. we said, well, the colors are really out and beautiful. after the storm, all the colors were gone because the leaves were off the trees. so i thought it would be nice to share one photo from a place that go not see as much. see, in the background, too, the snow from sandy looks really pretty. if you can have anything that comes out of it, that's from the smoky mountains. then you go to sunset in california. so in case you haven't seen much of the sun lately, a beautiful one from carlsbad. >> beautiful, indeed. all right. ginger, thanks. now a toast of the makers of the king of beers. budweiser which is temporarily turning off its brewing taps at one plant to help with the sandy relief effort. >> they're putting something else in the cans and shipping it off to the storm zone. abc's john muller is on the story.
7:21 am
>> reporter: good morning. sandy is a story about people. millions of them. amid those struggles and personal dramas corporations are pitching in. possibly the most fascinating example of corporate relief coming from a anheuser-busch factory. they're not turning water into wine, but it's almost miraculous. they're turning beer into water. 44,000 cases of zero proof h20 instead of brew heading to the new york/new jersey area full of charge. plant manager scott bale is originally from new jersey. >> personally for me, it does mean a little bit more because i do have family that has been affected by it. >> reporter: it sounds novel. but they have been converting beer lines to water lines for disaster relief dating back to the san francisco earthquake of 1906. 71 million cans of water donated since 1988. >> makes you feel great. you know, a lot of people don't have opportunities to help, so we look at this actually as an opportunity to help. >> reporter: anheuser-busch by no means alone in terms of stepping out of their box or can in this case. victoria's secret
7:22 am
known for sexy lady's wear generated attention loaning their generators to the national guard during the storm. hess is delivering gasoline to rival gas stations in need. for all of the corporations helping out, this bud's for you, or in this case, well, you get the idea. all right, some other examples. phone companies setting up mobile recharging stations. banks waving late fees. u-haul donating free storage. walmart, home depot, lowe's, cvs, kohl's, just a few of the many donating cash and supplies. our parent company disney donating $2 million. it's inspiring. >> i have a hunch that there are some people in the flood zone who might prefer beer to water at this point. >> you are so right. and we have a very important programming note to tell you. disney, the parent company of abc, is designating tomorrow as a day of giving involving the entire network and send indicated send indicated programming. "good morning america" will dedicate the entire 8:00 a.m.
7:23 am
hour to raising money for relief efforts. >> this is really a big deal for all of us at abc news, an chores, correspondents, staff, everybody will be participating trying to get people to donate to the american red cross. that is again tomorrow, our day of giving. coming up on "gma," look at this rescue, a hiker trapped by sandy's snowstorm. these rescuers risk their lives. we'll tell you how they found this guy in his socks and how close he came to not making it. >> plus, football hero. the emotional and heartwarming story of the high school gridiron star who jumped out of bounds with the goal line just one step away. so why did he do it, and why does he feel so great about it? and pippa middleton playing defense against brutal criticism of her new book. what is she saying now? it's all coming up on "gma" on this sunday morning. keep it here. this sunday morning. keep it here. morning. keep it here.
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♪ ♪ there goes my hero it's the highlight a high school football star will remember for the rest of his life. with a clear shot at the end zone, he intentionally steps out of bounds one yard shy of scoring the touchdown. the coach and his teammates cheered him on all the way and for a good reason. the play that followed will warm your heart and, i promise you, bring a tear to your eye, as well. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this kid is amazing. he has a 4.0 gpa, has picked up by michigan and this is the play he'll mostly be remembered for. this is sunday, november 4th. and we've got a lot coming up this morning. pippa middleton getting -- she did at one point got a lot of good press during her sister's wedding. much of it focused on her backside. but she's been taken some heat recently over this new book she's written. this morning, she's fighting back, though. and we'll show you what she has to say.
7:31 am
and finally, we'll show you the baby who is ready for a black belt using kung fu to take on a toy dragon. this kid's name, by the way, romeo elvis. romeo elvis. but we begin this half hour with the life-or-death rescue on the appalachian trial all caught on camera. a hiker was caught unaware when sandy struck last week dumping a record snowfall in tennessee. when he became trapped, rescuers braved the cold, wind and snow to track him down. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: steven amesworth was running out of time. >> i felt i couldn't make it through one more night. >> reporter: the 56-year-old hiker set out monday in tennessee on the final leg of 2,000-mile hike along the appalachian trail, but superstorm sandy hit unexpectedly fast dropping record levels of snow. he was stranded in a tiny shelter for three days. hiking to safety, impossible. >> it took me eight hours to go about a mile and a quarter. >> reporter: with food and water running out and unable to feel
7:32 am
his freezing feet, amesworth needed help. his phone managed just enough signal to reach 911. >> i was in pretty tough shape at that point. >> reporter: deep snow blocked rescuers on the ground. so on friday tennessee highway patrol sergeant brad lund and his team took to the skies. >> we were able to follow his footprints in the snow for approximately a mile and a half, and that's how we finally located him. >> reporter: but conditions turned treacherous. >> the winds were really, really howling. this was like riding a roller coaster and bumper cars all at one time. >> reporter: dodging trees, trooper jeff buchanan is lowered to amesworth whose shoes are now frozen. >> he stuck his head out of the tent and he was sort of hanging down low and said he's never been so happy to see anybody in his life. >> reporter: dangling in only his socks amesworth is finally rescued. >> they said the first thing to me, and that was, did you bring a credit card? and i said, i did. and they said, good, you're buying us steaks.
7:33 am
and i said, as long as i can have the first one. >> reporter: amesworth is exhausted but otherwise fine and grateful. >> you know, they'll say it's just, well, that's our job, and, you know, this is what we're supposed to do, but i'm telling you, that -- that's more than a job. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> they definitely earned those steaks. a lot of other news overnight. and for that, as always, ron claiborne with a look at the >> dan, bianna, good morning, everyone. in the news, both major party presidential candidates are sprinting towards the finish line with just two days to go before election day. president obama has four campaign stops planned today. mitt romney, meanwhile, will also visit four places. both will be in the all-important state of ohio. and new jersey is now allowing people affected by superstorm sandy to vote by e-mail or by fax. more than a million people in the state are still without power, and fuel shortages mean very long lines to fill up for gasoline. overall, more than 2.6 million homes and businesses still in the dark there in the garden state. and finally, this amazing
7:34 am
story of team spirit. a star high school football player in ohio giving up the glory of scoring a touchdown to help another player who's going through a tough time. st. clairsville high school junior michael ferns is used to making big plays on the football field. the 17-year-old running back has committed to play football for the university of michigan after his team wrapped up an undefeated season this year, all the while maintaining a 4.0 gpa. but it was this play in an early october game when he stepped out of bounds just one yard shy of a touchdown that has many calling ferns a hero. >> being able to make what happened happen, you know, was more important than some statistic in the record books. >> reporter: believe it or not, the coach planned for ferns to run out of bounds, also, that the big score and the boosted spirits that come with it could go to this young man, freshman logan thompson, whose father had
7:35 am
died two days earlier after suffering a stroke. >> he meant the world to me. at the time he made me forget all of the bad things that were going through my mind. >> reporter: thompson had insisted that, despite his father's death, to suit up for the game. so ferns and his teammates conspired to give the 15-year-old a special way to honor his dad. >> i think my dad would be really proud. growing up as a kid, my father and i would always pass the ball around in the backyard. >> reporter: so after telling ferns to stop short of the end zone, coach mclean sent thompson into the game, his first start as a varsity running back, and a few moments later, he scored his first touchdown. >> you know, when we got together to honor logan and his father, we never thought that it would leave the locker room. >> that is a great story. it is time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> good morning, ron. it's time to get a little political with the weather. don't worry, i'm just going to give you the forecast. we start with washington, d.c. today. temperature did drop to 39
7:36 am
earlier this morning but now rebounding back in the 40s. the sunshine will be out, mostly to partly sunny day but today is not the day we want to focus on. it's that election day forecast which looks pretty good, especially across the west. a couple spots i need you to know about, though. and in some important states, some strong storms in northern florida, jacksonville, look out there. parts of atlanta into south carolina then wisconsin also going to see a mix of rain and snow. that's again for tuesday. i'll leave you with a look at the big >> this weather report has been brough y >> this weather report has been brought to you by little caesar's pizza. dan and bianna. >> all right, ginger, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," pippa middleton strikes back after getting grilled by critics over her new book. find out how she's defending herself.
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as we all remember, pippa middleton was a scene stealer for almost upstaging her sister at the wedding of william and kate. well, now she's making headlines while defending herself for her first book. >> reporter: pippa middleton reportedly received more than $650,000 to write that cooking book, but she was roasted by the critics. now, she's out with this article revealing a little bit more about what motivates the world's best-known maid of honor. pippa's posterior made her famous. her book "celebrate" is making her another thing. one critic called it so basic, it was written for people who needed help to make a cup of tee. so in "the sunday telegraph," pippa defends her. she writes "i wanted to produce something that was achievable, something that people would have on their shelves for years, something that was not too fussy." she credits her family, including her famous sister, and
7:42 am
reveals for the first time that she worked in that most working class of establishments, a pub. >> she was quite keen to write something that reflected her a little bit more, reflected actually how she's learned all of these tips, where she's learned them from, but maybe a little more personal and warm. >> reporter: some culinary chops by citing her less traditional dishes. not everyone can make slow braised pig cheeks or muntjac ragu, that's chinese deer meat sauce. ox tongue baguettes or how about pigeon-breast salad? pippa makes them all. now, from the beginning, pippa knew that the critics would come. at her book launch, she sat down with children to make halloween decorations. >> how are these? >> reporter: listen very carefully to the girl on the left, the one with the devil ears. pippa's first distractor. >> i hate princesses. >> reporter: pippa parodied
7:43 am
now is parodying the adults. >> by writing something she takes back control and this is why i have done it. this is why i'm putting it out there. i don't think she's that fussed about the critics to be honest. >> reporter: something else that you probably didn't know about pippa, she likes whiskey sours. and reportedly plans to write two more books, one about children's parties, another about weddings. bianna, dan, something she has a little experience in. >> just a little, you think. all right. >> maybe for the children's party, she should not invite the girl with the devil ears. thank you, nick. coming up on "gma" a hip-hop tribute to our own ginger zee that's coming up in "fixation." check this out. ♪ eck this out. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain.
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7:48 am
"fixation" where we show you stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week. we just had to share. i'll begin with this one. you know i got a little boy, jake, 7 months old. i found this guy on the internet. now, jake can move, but not like this dude. take a look at this. romeo elvis is his name. iron baby's little brother takes on his dragon toy. look at him go. >> wait a second. wait a second. violent child? >> his father actually made that video. he's a french canadian director. >> that's cool. >> all the wrong lessons for that kid. all the wrong lessons. ron, what do you got? we're going to go to the animal kingdom for a rare visit in wisconsin. a contest, let's call it, between a cat who is trying to get into this cookie jar -- it's a biscuit actually and then loses it. and the dog takes it. this video is a lot longer. the cat puts a lot of effort in getting that biscuit and the dog scoops it up.
7:49 am
>> usually it's the other way around. and for mine, i have to do my type of nuptials. if it ever happens, this would be what we would do. me and that made up man. get married up at 13,000 feet. this is the couple, emily and allen wood. and there they go, not just them, but their bridal party, too. >> but you would be bored doing that. you've already done it. jump from space or something. >> yeah. >> the entire bridal party. >> i guess felix baumgartner is my future -- >> you never know. >> congratulations. speaking of ginger, this has been a week where the weather people are getting a lot of well-deserved accolades after sandy, including members of our own extreme team here at abc news. take a look at this. >> whose response to hurricane sandy best qualifies him to be president? well, 30% said barack obama and 30% said mitt romney. 40% said handsome meteorologist sam champion. >> sam champion for president.
7:50 am
i'm on board. >> well deserved. now, there was also a little tribute to ginger, we might say, and it involves a little hip-hop music and a recut some of her reporting in the middle of the story. listen. ♪ >> that is great. >> what i love, the recap for the hat, ginger -- >> that is good, ginger. my hat was coming off. >> you're jamming out there. >> do we know who made it? >> i don't know who made it. but i saw it. >> perhaps your future husband? >> yes. do you want to jump out of a plane? i love how you make fun of me already. >> you got to get residuals. >> ginger zee, we told you. >> yes, her next weather forecast will be brought to you with a large clock worn around her chest. we'll be right back. keep it here for more "gma." ♪ ♪ keep it here for more "good morning america." ♪ ♪
7:51 am
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and before we leave you, an important note. don't forget tomorrow is our abc day of giving day kicking off here on "good morning america" at 8:00 as we begin a networkwide drive to raise money for hurricane relief. >> thanks for watching abc news. we're always online at we're going to leave you this
7:56 am
morning with ginger zee popping and locking out in the storm zone as sandy bears down. i think we've got the video. if not -- >> i can do it. >> there we go. ron can do it. we'll be back.
7:57 am
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